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    • New to LS engines, finally owned one for few years starting to get used to all the typical noises they make; I recently did a cam swap, LM7. I never noticed any tapping sounds before that. Engine is all OEM except cam/spring (PAC1218 & TFS-30602001 low lift, .560/.560 "slow" ramp) After the cam swap I have 5W-30 synthetic Walmart oil in it.
  • Standard 1.6L output increased as years passed but was all made with the same formula of cast pistons and connecting rods, a low-flow version of the CVH head, flat hydraulic lifters, a .229" lift camshaft, 32/32 Weber-licensed carburetor, cast exhaust manifold, and low-dome pistons making 8.5-9.0:1 compression starting at 65hp in 1981 getting ...

Low oil pressure after new lifters

A warm startup is instant normal pressure. About 18lbs at warm idle, about 45-50lbs at 60mph (3000rpm). Unknown age on the motor, but it doesn't smoke at all, ever, and the plugs are always clean. Never makes any bearing or lifter noise, even at a full stop punch up to 4000rpm.

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  • COMP Cams® offers flat tappet lifters (solid/mechanical) with oiling holes in the cam contact face, which will increase oil flow to the lifter face to camshaft lobe contact point. Furthermore, using a lifter grooving tool (COMP Cams® Part #5003 for GM engines; see catalog or website
  • pre-load will cause valve train noise, while too much may damage the hydraulics of the lifter or cause low manifold vacuum. By following the four steps listed you will help ensure proper engine performance and reliability. Instructions: 1. Lifter Preparation: Remove your new COMP Cams® lifters from the packaging, and clean
  • 147 MILES. I just had the heads redone and just had a complete short block rebuild because of bottom end knock and low oil pressure when the engine warms up. Which includes new pistons, rings, rods, bearings, valves, lifters, oil pump, and screen. The block, crank, and cam were machined. New everything else (thermostat, plugs, water pump, belts ...
  • The first thing I noticed that during cranking you can watch the oil pressure drop off as the lifters bleed down. After the car starts it has normal oil pressure. I have been able to drop the idle rpm from 1100 to 900 with them and they pump up at about 3500-4000 , its like having an extra 4 barrel kicking it, the rpm / hp jumps quick.
  • A good indicator that your ticking noise is being caused by low oil levels is that it's accompanied by your car's flashing low oil light. This either means that the oil pressure is being obstructed or that current oil levels are low. Either way, you're due for an oil change. 4. Using the Right Oil . Making sure that your lifters are taken ...
  • I'm having the same problem as stouttrout - Low oil pressure on a small block 350. The problem developed suddenly, so not (probably) loose bottom end tolerances, good press. at start up, so probably not the oil pump (repalced it anyway), new filter, I heard from a chevy mechanic friend that if a rocker arm swings off that the lifter will push up enough to bypass oil to the pan - still oiling ...
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  • I have a new cam, hydraulic lifters, on a freshly built 327 and I am adjusting the valves using the method of spinning the pushrods until they stop and adding 1/2 turn according to my rocker arm instructions. After I have adjusted half of them (#1 TDC position) I went back to check again and...
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  • In the last week, I have noticed an oil pressure drop on my 289. When I'm running at 3,000 rpm or higher, my oil pressure drops to the point on the gauge that I indicated in yellow on the attached picture. When I'm at idle, the needle aligns with the "I" in "OIL" on the gauge. When I first start up my car, the pressure looks good until I get ...
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    In the last week, I have noticed an oil pressure drop on my 289. When I'm running at 3,000 rpm or higher, my oil pressure drops to the point on the gauge that I indicated in yellow on the attached picture. When I'm at idle, the needle aligns with the "I" in "OIL" on the gauge. When I first start up my car, the pressure looks good until I get ...This can result in low oil pressure which will cause the engine to tick. A faulty hydraulic lifter could also cause a ticking engine. The chance is that your engine ticking is just a minor problem, but it may also be a risk that something costly is causing your engine ticking noise.

    2,988 Posts. #13 · Jun 23, 2018. hatzie said: Not a bad idea but the oil pressure sensor and the lifter filter underneath are common failure parts on the 3.9L V6 & the LS4 V8. My LS4 lifters were clattering on cold startups and stopped after I changed the filter. The GM oil pressure switch part number is 12616646.

    The number one reason that your Jetta would have low oil pressure would be a lack of oil. The first thing you should do, is check your engine oil level. If the engine oil level appears to be low (or empty), you'll need to fill it up. Do not drive a vehicle with low engine oil to the store to buy more oil. Running without enough oil to keep ...

    The motor was suppose to been rebuilt a couple of years ago but I do not have proof of that. The bike shows 54,000 miles on it. My question has to do with the Harley oil pressure. When I first start the engine up my oil gauge shows 30 psi. Once it is warmed up and under load it shows 20 psi. and it has gone to 5-10 psi and come back up again.

    Install the roller lifter in the cylinder head. Install a NEW O-ring on the high pressure fuel pump. Position the NEW high pressure fuel pump gasket and bolts (1) to the fuel pump. Install the high pressure fuel pump (4). Force will be required while hand tightening the bolts. Tighten the high pressure fuel pump retaining bolts to 11 ft. lbs ...


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    • Nov 17, 2009 · That is the minimum flow required to maintain oil pressure. Any less flow IN, than that minimum, results in a loss of oil pressure. With insufficient flow/pressure, roller lifters have to get by with only bottom end oil splash, residual oil present and any spurting, sputtering or gurgling oil that does make it in through the passage.
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    • NO OIL PRESSURE. Check and verify engine oil level. Pressure relief valve stuck open in camplate - see Feuling camplate PSI test tool Part #9010. Missing plug in camplate face (boss vs. no boss) Air lock in oiling system - fill oil filter full of oil - If this is the initial engine start up.


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    stated low oil pressure to the Valve Lifter Oil Manifold (VLOM ) can also cause AFM lifter damage. Generally, most known good vehicles will have around 25 PSI or greater oil pressure at hot idle with new engine oil. The high-pressure pump is GM Part #12612289 and it is also available from aftermarket suppliers, one supplier uses Part #M365 ...Sep 07, 2021 · low oil pressure. Jump to Latest ... after 30 sec started it up again ran for another 30 sec still 20 psi back lifters are not pumping up new high volume midline need ...

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    • Oil pressure is one of the most important parameters in a car's engine. You need to take steps to maintain the right engine oil pressure. Here are some tips to address the causes & symptoms of low oil pressure. For more information, contact us at 707-542-0363.
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    • What could be the causes of no oil pressure at any RPM. The block is brand new, crank polished, new bearings all the way around, new oil pump, new oil pressure sensor, new gaskets, valve job on both heads, and a few external mods other than flat top pistons with 862 heads. Thanks!
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    • International Harvester engines use high volume low pressure oil pumps, chevy uses high pressure oil pumps. It is with in limits per the IH data for an international SV motor to have as little as 8psi oil pressure at warm idle and seldom have oil pressure over 40psi at max throttle.
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    Sep 07, 2021 · low oil pressure. Jump to Latest ... after 30 sec started it up again ran for another 30 sec still 20 psi back lifters are not pumping up new high volume midline need ...

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      • The main bearings account for most of the oil pressure demand. Typically, low oil pressure is the result of excessive main bearing or connecting rod bearing clearance. Another source of low oil pressure is a worn or leaking oil pump. Symptoms of either problem would be low oil pressure and high oil temps.
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      GM has stated low oil pressure to the VLOM can also cause AFM lifter damage. Generally most known good vehicles will have around 25 PSI or greater oil pressure at hot idle with new engine oil. Also if hot, oil pressure is 21 PSI or below with new engine oil, then damage could occur to the AFM lifters.

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      • This device is like a little piston and cylinder filled with oil. It is different from a hydraulic lifter, and functions to keep the slack in the valve train to a minimum as the engine ages. The VLA has a little ball valve held in place by a spring, and uses oil pressure to take in oil and place constant pressure on its valve.
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      For some reason my oil pressure on hot idle has dropped to around 20.. and on normal driving sits around 40. Doesnt seem right? im running 5w-30 with 1300 miles on this oil. This happened before last oil change also, but the oil change lasts for 100 miles or so before it drops down again. any help is appreciated.
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      • Oil pumps in the 7.4 litre engines are known for failing, idle pressure at temperature should be no less than 35 lbs, I live in So. Cal and any high mileage V8 gets 20/50 with zinc additive.currently have a 460 with 305,000 miles and a 454 with 270,00 both 35 and 40 psi at idle and 55 to 60 at 70 mph.:grinyes: maxwedge.
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      Modern engine designs have high pressure oil galleries. Gen III hemis have oil passages to the lifter body and the lifter plunger is oiled through the oil circuit thorough the pushrod (coming from the rocker arm). Oil pressure in these engines run 28psi (hot oil, idle) to typically 55-58psi.

    Apr 21, 2008 · ok well as much as i hate to say this pull the valve cover again and let it idle for about a minute if you showing oil pressure bc it is going to take a little bit to reprime your lifters and get it flowing pretty good to the top end think about how heavy oil is and its moving up wards so u need more then 30 seconds, after that let us know what its doing it should have oil up top with in a ...
    • The parts list is as follows: 1) New Oil Lifter Assembly 2) New Oil Pressure Gauge 3) New gasket set for intake manifold (old ones can't be re-used) I am really glad I did the whole job as described, because removing the intake manifold is not really something I want to do again.
    • In case of complaints of ticking noise from the valves or lifter area and/or low oil pressure, the cause could be a missing plug in the oil feed tube (PN 119 180 02 66) between the camshafts. If one of these plugs is missing, the oil pressure to the valve elements/chain tensioner will drop causing this complaint.